The International Science Journal of Education & Linguistics - scientific periodical. The journal is an electronic peer-reviewed publication. The team of reviewers includes many scientists with different scientific interests in accordance with the thematic sections of the journal.

Published articles in the International Science Journal of Education & Linguistics  are placed in many scientometrics databases, which will contribute to the dissemination of works in the scientific environment and contribute to increasing the citation indices of each of the authors. The publication provides for the assignment of a DOI to each published manuscript, which meets the current trends in the coverage of scientific articles.

ISSN (Online): 2720-684X

Publication languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish.

Periodicity: once every two months


Average time for initial evaluation of articles: 2-3 days.

Average time for reviewing manuscripts: 5-10 days.

Average time of article publication: 15-20 days.

The areas of scientific research associated with this journal and published include the following areas, but not only:

  • Upbringing and Education;
  • Innovations in Education;
  • General and pre-school pedagogy;
  • Social pedagogy;
  • Theory, practice and methods of education;
  • Correctional pedagogy; Philology and linguistics;
  • Philology and linguistics;
  • Physical Education and Sports;
  • Information and communication technologies in education;
  • Literary Studies;
  • Literary Theory;
  • Folkloristics;
  • Linguistics;
  • Translation Studies.