Aims and Scope

The "International Science Journal of Engineering & Agriculture" appreciates research aimed at improving the field of technical and agricultural sciences. The purpose of the scientific journal "International Science Journal of Engineering & Agriculture" is to create a professional platform for the analysis and discussion of trends in the field of technical and agricultural sciences. The editorial board encourages authors to submit unique manuscripts that highlight the authors' research findings or are reviews. The journal publishes the results of scientific research on the most pressing problems of transport development, innovative technologies, agriculture, architecture, and other areas. The main audience of the journal is researchers in the field of technical and agricultural sciences: doctoral students, teachers, scientists.

Tasks of the journal:

  • publication of unique studies, which consider problematic aspects and offer reasonable innovations in the field of technical sciences;
  • compliance with editorial ethics;
  • to provide a high-quality platform for the dissemination of advanced research in the field of agricultural sciences;
  • promote interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange of knowledge between researchers and industry specialists;
  • promote the development and understanding of technical sciences;

The journal publishes articles in the following main areas:

– Architecture and construction;

- Computer Science;

– Innovative technologies;

– Metallurgy and energy;

– Mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering;

– Technologies of food products;

– Chemical technologies;

– Electrical engineering;

– Transport and communications, shipbuilding;

– Aerospace engineering and technologies;

– Agriculture and forestry;

- Information Technology;

– General agriculture;

- Animal husbandry;

- Production technology of livestock products.

The editorial policy of the "International Science Journal of Engineering & Agriculture" is based on the principles of objectivity regarding the selection of articles for their publication; high demands on the quality of scientific research; mandatory review of articles; observance of collegiality in decision-making regarding the publication of articles; accessibility and promptness in communicating with authors. The main criterion for selecting materials for publication is their novelty and relevance of ideas.