Authorship and contributorship

The concept of authorship is understood in such a way that each author of the authorship of the manuscript contributed to the research, in a certain part. In the event of doubts on the part of the editors, which may be based on the inconsistency of the content of the manuscript, the competences of one of the authors in the field of scientific interests, the editors can request from the author team in a separate document data with the distribution of the contribution to the research and preparation of the manuscript, with a separate emphasis on the author's contribution , about which doubts arose.

An author-correspondent is selected from the composition of the author's team, who interacts with the editorial office. He is responsible for turning the manuscript into an article and its subsequent publication, as well as at the stage after the publication of the article, if such a need arises. If there is a reasoned necessity on the part of the authors to remove or add co-authors, or to change the order of authors, such changes after submission of the manuscript are possible with the approval of the corresponding author.

The authorship identification process also involves preventing the appearance of ghost authors and guest authors as part of the author's team.