Review Ethics

Peer review of scientific articles plays a huge role in ensuring the objectivity of research. The COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) ethical principles for reviewers form the basic principles and standards that all reviewers must adhere to in the review process.

Reviewers of our scientific journal must:

  • Agree to review only those manuscripts for the evaluation of which they have sufficient knowledge and which they can review in a timely manner;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the review and not disclose any details of the manuscript or the review during or after the review to anyone except those authorized by the journal;
  • Not to use the information obtained during the review for one's own benefit or the benefit of others, or to cause harm to other persons;
  • Declare possible conflicts of interest and seek advice from the magazine's editors;
  • Write a review objectively and constructively, refraining from hostile or similar statements, as well as defamatory comments;
  • To provide the journal with accurate and truthful information about their professional knowledge and experience;
  • A reviewer should not evaluate a manuscript with an author or co-author of which he or she has a personal or professional relationship, and if such relationship could influence the judgment of the manuscript;
  • Reviewers should justify their judgments so that editors and authors can understand what their comments are based on.