Conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest are situations that can potentially influence people's judgments. Conflicts of interest may affect peer review, editorial decisions, and publication management. The journal recommends that authors clearly disclose conflict of interest policies, including disclosure of research funding.

In case the authors are bound by obligations of confidentiality, which makes it impossible to disclose information about financial or other interests, the editors will not require disclosure of these interests, recognizing the full right to maintain full confidentiality. In this case, it is enough for the authors to say the presence/absence of a conflict of interest at the time of submitting the manuscript to the editorial office.

Regarding the reviewers: the editors ask to confirm the absence of a conflict of interests at the stage of selecting manuscripts for review or at the time the reviewer receives the manuscript. If such a conflict is detected at the review stage, the reviewer is obliged to inform the editors about it and refuse to review the given manuscript.