The aims and objectives of the journal

The idea of creating the journal "The International Science Journal of Management, Economics & Finance" belongs to the International Science Group. The need for such a publication has long been felt by the community of our country.

According to Clause 38 of the Licensing Conditions for the Conduct of Educational Activities: achievements in professional activity that are counted over the past five years: performance of the functions of the editor-in-chief/member of the editorial board/expert (reviewer) of a foreign scientific publication indexed in bibliographic databases.

In order to obtain the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy, it is necessary to have at least three scientific publications, of which: at least one article in scientific publications of other countries in the direction from which the dissertation was prepared.

The publication accepts the results of scientific works in the economic and financial areas, which highlight research results or are reviews. Thematic editions are listed directly on the magazine's section page.

Published in the International Science Journal of Management, Economics & Finance are placed in many scientometric databases, which will contribute to the dissemination of works in the scientific environment and contribute to increasing the citation indices of each of the authors. The publication provides for the assignment of a DOI to each published manuscript, which meets the current trends in the coverage of scientific articles.

The main subject of the magazine is accounting and auditing; International Economic Relations; economics of economic sectors; finance, banking, insurance; marketing; management.