Submission to the editor

It is recommended to use the template for the manuscript

Download Manuscript Template

Send finished manuscripts to or via the submit button on the website.

Basic requirements for text design:

  1. The volume of the manuscript should be from 6 to 25 pages;
  2. The maximum number of authors is 5;
  3. Line spacing – 1;
  4. Font – Times New Roman;
  5. The font size is 12;
  6. Document margins – 2 cm on all sides;
  7. The language of the article. International Science Journal of Management, Economics & Finance is multilingual. Authors have the opportunity to submit articles in any language convenient for them. Manuscripts written by the author in his regional (native, state) language do not pass a language check. Manuscripts written in English are sent for language review, except for works whose authors are native speakers of English;
  8. Articles with a level of uniqueness of at least 70% are accepted for publication.

More detailed information on the design of the article:

At the beginning of the article, the section to which your article belongs is indicated, the sections are indicated on the main page of the journal. Alignment on the left edge, pin 14, bold. Example: Section - History.

  1. The title of the article - is alignment on the left edge, pin 14, bold. The title must contain at least 7 words, but no more than 25 words.
  2. Authors of the article - alignment on the left edge, pin 12, bold. The full name of the author(s) is indicated.
  3. Information about the authors (left alignment, pin 12):
  • department/faculty, university/institute/organization, city, country or "company, city, country";
  • ORCID of each author;
  • e-mail of the author(s).
  1. Abstract - width alignment, paragraph 0.75, pin 12. The number of words should be from 200 to 400 words. The content should be structured in one paragraph without formulas, figures and quotations in the text.
  2. Keywords - alignment by width, paragraph 0.75, pin 12. Keywords should be from 5 to 12, do not contain abbreviations, presented in the nominative case, separated by commas.
  3. The main text of the article - is width alignment, paragraph 0.75, pin 12. The article is divided into sections, namely:
  • Introduction
  • Object and subject of research
  • Target of research
  • Literature analysis
  • Research methods
  • Research results
  • Prospects for further research development
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements (if any)
  1. Requirements for picture:
  • Before the drawing, there must be a reference to the drawing in the form of figs. 1, fig. 2–4, fig. 5. The reference to the figure must be in the same section/subsection as the figure itself.
  • The caption should look like this: Fig. 1. Name of the drawing
  • If the figure contains designations or abbreviations, the decipherment of which was not previously provided in the text, then there should be explanations in the figure caption. For example, the figure shows three graphs, which are respectively marked with the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Then the caption to the figure should look like this: Fig. 1. Name of the figure: 1 – graph 1; 2 – schedule 2; 3 – schedule 3
  • All inscriptions on the drawing must be written in one font and one size. The exception is screenshots of those programs that do not allow editing the font.
  1. Requirements for the design of tables:
  • Table captions should be placed above the table, right-aligned, font size 12. Table title should look like this: Table 1. Table title;
  • All tables must be editable without image format.
  • Tables should be numbered in a consistent style, eg Table 1, Table 2, Table 3…
  1. Requirements for formatting of the formulas:
  • Numbering alignment to the right
  • The formula is part of the text, so after a claim must stand semantic mark if the new proposal goes further, then the point, if further clarification is the comma
  • Links to the formula in the text are (1), (2)–(4)
  • Formulas should be typed in the MathType equation editor
  • Formulas should be numbered
  1. Requirements for creating a list of references:
  • References to literary sources have the form [1], [2, 3]. References should follow the order of their mention in the article;
  • Sources are drawn up according to the APA standard;
  • There should be at least 15 sources
  • All sources must be unique (one source is mentioned in the bibliography only once)
  • All sources must be provided in the original language (that is, if the article/book, etc. was published in Ukrainian, the sources should also be added to the list of references in Ukrainian, instead of using a translator or transliteration)