Landscape design as an integral part of the aesthetics of the hotel and restaurant business territory




nature - integrated buildings, hospitality industry, hotel, restaurant, design, landscape design, competitiveness


In times of intense competition for hotel and restaurant owners, the question arises of finding and using by consumers new ways of identifying their establishments among other establishments of the hotel and restaurant industry. The most effective way to distinguish a hotel and restaurant from many other accommodation and food establishments is to use landscape design. Today, landscaping plays an important role in both aesthetics and overall composition. Greenery performs many functions: hygiene, protection, architecture and art, fire protection and recreation. The use of landscape design in landscaping is aimed at improving the quality of human life and creating favorable leisure conditions, which is an integral part of the hotel business and provides a high level of competitiveness in the hospitality industry. Landscaping is very popular all over the world. It is the science of creating stylish combinations of garden and park, turning the area around a hotel or restaurant into a center of comfort and refined style. The professional approach involved the coordination of all elements of the zone in a single harmonious space. The list of modern design trends impresses with variety and ingenuity, so you can always choose the best option for a particular hotel and restaurant business. Understanding what landscape design is, you can understand the importance of attracting professionals. The project was created over many years and takes into account the smallest nuances of a particular hotel or restaurant. The help of experienced professionals will be the key to the beauty and convenience of your "paradise". The article considers the dependence of the level of competitiveness of the hotel and restaurant industry on the spatial solutions of the surrounding area, defines the terms, as well as the characteristics of "design" and "landscape". Landscape design is an organic combination of natural elements and architecture. It helps to organize space in accordance with functional, ecological and aesthetic requirements, creates a bright artistic image and increases the competitiveness of hotels and restaurants.


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