Current trends in architecture at the right typological objects?




Modern architecture, Museum, Eco-architecture, Skyscraper, Religious architecture


Global transformational processes are taking place in the modern world, covering and creating the material environment of a person, capturing the worldview of a person, philosophy, methodology, culture, science, and education.

Social transformations, scientific, technical, and cultural progress, the way of life and way of life of a person, regional, cultural-historical, and natural conditions - everything finds expression in architecture, which is understood broadly - from urban planning systems to individual buildings and their details, from the worldview of a person to creative thinking, ego culture, knowledge, education. The research methodology is presented in library form and uses articles, and descriptions of the bureaus themselves and the architects of the respective websites in this study. The text presented here quantitatively shows the modern architecture of the world in different typological aspects and different directions. The results indicate that despite the different styles, there is a common direction of development of architecture in the layer of ecology and plasticity in different continents. Most often, all buildings are created in such a way that they are noticed and surprised. Modern architecture was formed in contrast with giving value to a person and his emotions in various aspects of his life. This applies to both cultural objects (museums) and sacred and utilitarian ones.


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